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China's Refractories is the only magazine in English Language in China's refractories industry,which is sponsored by Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research(LIRR). It is distributed all over the world in the fields such as refractories, ceramics, glass, cement, abrasives and tools, building material as well as machinery.

In addition to providing up to date information on the latest development of refractories in China, it also affords space for advertisement which is beneficial to the manufacturers and users home and abroad to establish connection between them,to promote production and sales between them and especially help foreign companies march towards China's market.

The colour picture advertisement rate is as follows:

Position Colour Size

£¨Yuan RMB/USD£©

Front cover

Colour 180*210mm 20000/2500
Front inside Colour Full page 15000/2000

Back inside

Colour Full page 15000/2000
Back conver Colour Full page 17500/2200
Insert page Colour Full page 12500/1600
Insert page White & Black Full page 6000/800
Brief introduction Written description 1/8 page 800/100
Remarks 10% discount will be given for continuous publication

Please contact:

Mr Li Guanghui,Advertisement Department


Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research£¨LIRR£©


43 Xiyuan Road,Luoyang Henan 471039, P.R.China

Tel: +86-379-64205961    Fax: +86-379-64205800


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