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Since the coming out of the journal China's Refractories (CHNR), good relation has been established between CHNR and periodicals home and abroad. Up to present, we have established exchange relations with other journals and magazines. They are: 

Foreign periodicals:

1. American Ceramic Society Bulletin (USA)
2. Industrial Minerals (UK)
3. World Ceramics &Refractories (UK)
4. The Refractories Engineer (UK)
5. Global Ceramic Review (UK)
6. Interceram (Germany)
7. L'industrie Ceramique (France)
8. Materiale de consructii (MC) (Romania)
9. Silicates Industriels (SI) (Belgium)
10. TAIKABUTSU OVERSEAS (Journal of the Technical Association of Refractories, Japan)
11. TAIKABUTSU (The Technical Association of Refractories, Japan)
12. India Refractory Makers Association (IRMA) (India)
13. Metals Industry News (UK)
14. Refractories Application (USA)

Domestic periodicals:

15. China Ceramics (in Chinese language)
16. Industry Furnace (in Chinese language)
17. Foreign Refractories (in Chinese language)
18. Metallurgical Industry Automation (in Chinese language)
19. World Metals (in Chinese language)
20. China Metal Market (in English language)
21. Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing (in Chinese language)
22. Cement (in Chinese language)
23. Metal Mine (in Chinese language)
24. Steelmaking (in Chinese language)
25. Ironmaking (in Chinese language)
26. Iron & Steel (in Chinese language)
27. China Building Materials (in Chinese language)
28. Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society (in Chinese language)
29. Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Society (in Chinese language) 

In addition, some secondary documents such as: Chemical Abstracts (USA), Ceramic Abstracts (USA) and World Ceramics Abstracts (UK) have collected China's Refractories as their source of abstracts.


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