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General Index for China's Refractories Volume 14,2005

Vol. 14. No.2, 2005

The Comprehensive Utilization of the Natural Magnesium-Containing Resources and the Development of the MgO-based Refractories

CHEN zhaoyou and LI Hongxia (2) 3
This paper presents the ways of comprehensive utilization of the natural magnesium-containing resources and the trends of the MgO-based refractories used in high-temperature industries. In the first part, the uses and productions of metal Mg, sorel cement, Mg (OH)2 fire retardant, light magnesium carbonate, light magnesia and magnesium sulphate are described. In the second part, the developments of MgO-based refractories used in steelmaking process, nonferrous metallurgy, cement rotary kiln and waste melting furnace are described from some applied theories, and it contains corrosion resistance and slaking resistance of MgO-CaO materials, chrome-free bricks such as MgO-CaO-ZrO2, MgO-MgO Al2O3, MgO-MgO
Al2O3-ZrO2, MgO-MgOAl2O3-2MgO TiO2 and MgO-FeOAl2O3, and MgO-containing monolithic refractories etc.
Key words: Magnesium-containing resources, MgO-based refractories, MgO-CaO, Spinel, Steel refining, Cement rotary kiln, Nonferrous metallurgy, Waste melting furnace

Sillimanite, Kyanite and Andalusite in China and Their Applications 
Part II: Their Applications in Refractories to Improve Resistances to 
Creep and Thermal Shock

LIN Binyin, LIU Jiehua, ZHOU Ningsheng and Zhang Jianwu (2) 16
As a second part under the title, this paper introduces the applications of sillimanite group minerals (SGM) in refractory products for hot blast stove, blast furnace, torpedo, hot metal mixer, etc., with emphases on their uses in the low creep and thermal shock resistant bricks for tuyere and iron notch of blast furnace and checker brick and ceramic burner of hot blast stove, taking use of their phase transformation to form primary mullite and secondary mullite, accompanied by volume expansion. The developed SGM containing refractories have found wide uses in major domestic iron and steel making plants to meet the requirements of longer service life, higher service temperature and intensified operations. 
Key words: Kyanite, Andalusite, Sillimanite, Refractories, Application, Blast furnace, Hot blast stove, Torpedo, Hot metal mixer

Study on the Properties of Magnesia-Hercynite brick

LIU huilin, LI Ning and LI Qiang (2) 23
Using magnesia and hercynite as materials, we researched the magnesia-hercynite brick in order to solve the problem of chrome-free brick used in the burning zone of cement rotary kiln. Effect of different firing temperature and different content of hercynite on properties of the brick were studied. The results show that the magnesia-hercynite specimen fired at 1600¡æ was densified and when the hercynite content is 7%, the cold crushing strength and the adhesive strength of rupture of the specimen have the highest value. 
Keywords: Magnesia-hercynite brick hercynite property cement kiln


Property Research on Magnesia Zirconia Calcia Castable

HU Sihai, ZHU Boquan and HONG Xueqin (2) 27
Studies were conducted on how the structure and property of magnesia castable was affected when the magnesia zirconia calcium composite was incorporated. The experimental result indicates that the component CaZrO3 is easily decomposed by reacting with silica fume to form a low melting point material CMS and CaZr4O9 in the silica fume bonded MgO castable, resulting in occurrence of microcracks, which will improve the thermal shock resistance and strength at moderate temperature. In a word, CaZrO3 improves slag infiltration resistance in spite of lowering the slag corrosion resistance, by absorbing and reacting with components in the slag like Al2O3, TiO2 and FeO.
Key words: Magnesia zirconia calcia, Composite, Castable

The Characteristics and Application of Andalusite Material and Andalusite-based Refractory

Dong Hongqin Shen Jianping Wang Li Jiang Mingxue (2) 33
Andalusite material and Andalusite-based refractory are very popular in Europe and Japan, but its application are restrained because of its low quality and misunderstanding in China. The paper introduced in detail the characteristics of Andalusite material and Andalusite-based refractory based on the authors¡¯ research work of recent years and some references. Some information is illustrated clearly by figures and microstructure photographs. It is concluded the property of raw material and refractory is not determined by alumina content but type and quantity of the impurities and microstructure. Mullitisation provide andalusite-based refractories more excellent macro and micro properties that guarantee its popular application.
Keywords: Application, Andalusite, Characteristic, Refractory


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