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General Index for China's Refractories Volume 14,2005

Vol. 14. No.4, 2005

The Future of the Refractory Industry, with a Chinese Perspective

Michel Rigaud, ZHOU Ningsheng and YE Fangbao (4) 3
Globalization is a reality resulting in many changes in the refractory industry. In this paper some of the threats and opportunities, which are influencing the future prosperity of the refractory industry on a worldwide basis, are being evoked. Some key technical and management issues are underlined, in terms of adjusting the productivity-quality-cost to the customers requirements; producing unshapes versus shapes; innovations supported by research; international profile for the import-export game; training and education. Consequences for China, who does play a dominant role due to the size of its internal market (customers demand) and the magnitude of its production capability (including raw materials availability), are being drawn.

Development of Thermal Shock Resistant and Low Creep Bricks for Hot Blast Stove

LIN Binyin, LIU Jiehua, ZHOU Ningsheng and ZHANG Jianwu (4) 8
The paper describes the development of brick series with high thermal shock resistance and low creep rate for hot blast stove, including research target and research plan on the basis of analysis on how to enhance the thermal shock resistance and to lower creep rate of the bricks. Efforts have been made on the selection of starting materials such as corundum, mullite, andalusite and sillimanite etc., together with some measures taken on multi-grade formulation, homogenizing of the matrix of bricks and addition of some special additives. The results indicated that the bricks were with characteristics such as higher thermal shock resistance of >30 cycles under quenching in water from 1000ºC, and creep rate of 0.2 under 1400ºC for 20~50hrs with load of 0.2Mpa. Now a series of products of this kind have been developed and produced. The application of the products in Wuhan Iron and Steel Co. showed very prospective results. Now most of domestic large sized blast furnaces say ¡Ý1000m3, including those of Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., have selected the series products made by Gongyi No5 Refractories Head Factory(GYWN) for their hot blast stoves.
Key words: Hot blast stove, Low creep, Thermal shock resistance, Andalusite, Mullite, Corundum, Sillimanite

Technology Development of Refractories for Iron Making in China

CHAI Junlan, CHENG Qingxian and SHEN Keyin (4) 13
This paper reviews the present development situation of refractories for iron making system in China, which includes blast furnace, hot stove and dry cooling system. Varieties and performances of refractories adopted by the top steel and iron groups such as Baosteel, Wuhan I&S Group and Anshan I&S Group for iron making were exemplified and concerned problems were analyzed, together with solutions and suggestions for future refractories R&D work.

Advances in Process Control for Refractory Production

WANG Jiezeng (4) 21
This paper reviews main problems of domestic refractories, in terms of the structure, principle, performance and new theory of automatic control, such as modern control, fuzzy control, artificial neural network, and expert system. Advanced equipment used in RHI Dalian Plant is introduced, as well as quality control and guarantee in Europe. Some topics to upgrade Chinese refractory industry are discussed.
Key Words: Process Control, Refractory, Automatization, quality

The Microwave Sintering Technology and Its Application in the Synthesis of ZrB2

He Zhiyong, Li Lin, Peng Xiaoyan (4) 26
The principles and features of microwave sintering, the application in refractories and synthesis methods of ZrB2 are reviewed. The synthesis results of ZrB2 by thermit deoxidate method show that production price of ZrB2 can be effectively lowered through microwave synthesis. It will expand the application of ZrB2 in refractories


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