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General Index for China's Refractories Volume 10,2001

Vol. 10. No.1, 2001

Technological Advancement in Preparation and application of Monolithic Refractories

LI Zaigeng, ZHOU Ningsheng (1) 3

Investigation on Reaction Synthesis of Sialon Multiphase Refractory 
from Clay and Additive TiO2

XU Lihua, JOSE Maria Fonte Ferreira et al (1) 11

Refractories for Glass Tank Furnaces

LIU Jiehua and Zhang Yongfang (1) 15

Refractories for Cement Rotary Kilns

YE Guotian and XU Yanqing (1) 20

Development of High Chrome Refractories for Coal Slurry Gasifiers in China

QI Xiaoqing, WANG Yufan and ZHANG Luming (1) 27

Investigation on High Creep Resistance Kiln Furniture

SHEN Yi (1) 30

The Development and Application of Composite Magnesia Slide Plates

WEI ZhongxianWANG Ruikun, OUYANG Benhui (1) 33

China's Standards on Refractories

(1) 37

(1)Silicon Nitride Bonded Carbide Bricks for Blast Furnace
(2)Zirconia Sizing Nozzle Bricks
(3)Fused Quartz Refractory Products for Con-casting

Vol. 10. No. 2, 2001

Development of Modern Steel Making and Optimization of Refractory Materials

SU Tiansen (2) 3

Refractory Raw Materials in China

RUAN Bo (2) 6

Developing Status and Trend of the Refractories for Glass Furnaces in China

Wei, ZENG Dafan and MAO Limin (2) 16

Synthetic Raw Materials for Refractories in China

SHI Gan and YUE Weidong (2) 20

Sprayable Castables, the Effect of Sample Preparation on Properties

Bjorn Myhre, Cecilie Odegard and Heidi Feldhorg (2) 26


(2) 33

China Standards on Refractories

 (2) 38

(1)Fused AZS Refractory Products for Glass Melting Furnace
(2)Fused Alumina Refractory Products for Glass Melting Furnace
(3)Dense Zircon Brick for Glass Melting Furnace

Vol. 10. No. 3, 2001

Technical Progress of Domestic Iron & Steel Industry and Its Influence on the 
Development of Refractories

XING Shouwei and LIU Jiehua (3) 3

Slag Corrosion Resistance of ¶¬-Sialon-Al2O3 Composites-Part I, Thermodynamics and Mechanism

LI Youfen, HONG Yanruo, ZHONG Xiangchong et al (3) 13

Effect of Additives on Sintering of Cr2O3 in Reductive Atmosphere

LIANG Yonghe, LI Nan, QIAN Xinwei et al (3) 18

Comments on Modification of International Standard---Refractory Bricks---Dimensions

XUE Qiwen and ZHANG Yongfang (3) 21

Pattern Recognition of Properties of Alumina-Magnesia Castable and Optimization of its Technological Parameters

LI Yiwei, WANG Xidong, FU Yuankun et al (3) 27

Improvement of FeO Corrosion Resistance by Addition of ¶¬-Sialon in Matrix of 
Corundum Castable

LI Yawei, ZHANG Junlong, LI Youshen et al (3) 31


(3) 35

Vol. 10. No. 4, 2001

Outlook on Refractories Development in China in the New Century

ZHONG Xiangchong (4) 3

On the Measurement of Cement Clinker's Adherence on Basic Refractories

Guo Zongqi, Michel Rigaud (4) 10

New Applications of Some High Technologies in Refractories

WU Yiquan, ZHANG Yufeng, GUO Jingkun and LI Yawei (4) 21

Slag Corrosion Resistance of¶¬-Sialon-Al2O3 Composites-Part II, Kinetics

LI Youfen, Hong Yanruo, ZHONG Xiangchong and SUN Jialin (4) 26

China Standards on Refractories

(4) 30

1)Fused Magnesia
(2)Specification for Bauxite
(3)Sintered Pure Natural Mullite

Buyer's Guide

(4) 40


(4) 41

Prices of Domestic Refractories

(4) 44


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