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Instructions to Authors

In order to let the world know the development of China's refractories industry the China's Refractories came out in 1992 by the permission of China National Science and Technology Committee.Till now ,10 volumes have been published which have received welcome by scholars ,scientists,technicians and businessmen at home and abroard. China's Refractories,the only English language quarterly journal in China's refractories industry, is published by the Editorial Board of China's Refractories and sponsored by Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research. The journal welcomes contributions from home and abroad. Papers should be on R & D, production and application, technical and academic discussions and reviews on various refractory bricks,unshaped refractories,refractory fiber and special refractories such as high purity refractory oxide,nitrides,carbides,borides etc. 

Manuscript Requirement 

1.A complete and ready for submission manuscript should have two copies of manuscript including an abstract (about 150 words), reference list,original figures and captions,tables,all text double spaced,and is typed on A4 papers.Manuscripts must be written in English. 

2.Manuscripts should be accompanied with key words placed after the abstract and a short resume of the first author(name,sex,age,academic degree,professional position and the main work engaged) placed at the beginning of the paper ,or separately in a page.Corresponding author and his(her) contacting information should also be accompanied for the communication convenience. 

3.All illustrations,photographs,figures and tables should be on separate sheets,figure captions should be typed separately.Original photographs are needed which should have good contrast and intensity.

4.The length of a research paper is normally limited to 3500 words including tables and figures,whereas review articles can be a little longer than that. 

5.References should be individually numbered in the order as they are cited in the text ,and listed in numerial sequence on separate sheet at the end of the paper,typed in double spacing.
unpublished works are not included in reference.In the reference list,periodicals [1],books [2],multi-author books with editors [3],proceedings [4],patents [5],and thesis [6],should be cited in accordance with the following examples; 
[1] Zhong X C,Sun G C,Liu X Y.High temperature properties of carbon-bonded corundum-mullite-zirconia materials.Refractories,1991,25(2):72 
[2] Hull D.Introduction to dislocation.New York:Pergamon Press,1965 
[3] Brouwer R,Dewit C T.A simulation model of plant growth with special attention to root growth and its consequeces.In:Whittington W J,ed.Root Growth.London:Butterworth,1969.224 
[4] Zhong X C.50 years evolution of China's refractories industry.Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Refractories,Beijing,1998 
[5]Shigeki T,Jinichi M,Hiroshi H.Manufacture of mesocarbon microbeads.JP61-222913,1986
[6]Zhong W B. Study on microstructure and high temperature mechanical properties of O'-sialon-ZrO2 Composite: [Ph.D thesis]Beijing:University of Science and Technology,Beijing,1995Note:For the reference with more than three authors ,please give the first three and mark et al hereafter. 

6.Publication of papers in China's Refractories is free of charge.Each author will receive one copy of the issue in which his(her)paper is published soon after its coming out.

7.Manuscripts can be sent by Email or by post to the following address:Editorial Board of China's Refractories,c/o Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research,43 Xiyuan Rd, Luoyang,Henan 471039,P R China.


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