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Besides publishing the journal,the editorial board also functions of information services on refractories profession. Its service scale is as follows:

1) Undertaking written translations from foreign languages to Chinese vice versa, including English, German, French, Russian etc.;
2) Offering oral translation in English, German, French and Russian etc;
3) Offering consultation service on the basis of huge source of refractories information home and abroad;
4) Setting up a bridge between suppliers and users for business and cooperation for domestic and foreign customers;
5) Offering documents retrieval service for customers ;
6) Undertaking market survey and offering state-of-the-art reports for domestic and foreign companies which intend to open new business in China market.

Please contact  :
Mr Liu Jiehua.
Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research
Address:43 Xiyuan Road,Luoyang Henan 471039, P.R.China
Tel: +86-379-64205961    Fax: +86-379-64205800


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